iPad’s For Autism Application

Danny’s Wish is committed to providing life enhancing resources and experiences for children and families dealing with autism and autism spectrum disorders.

Our goal for this campaign is to raise $50,000 to supply approximately 100 iPads to those children affected and in need the most.

Please fill out the contact form and CLICK HERE to download the full application to mail to us! We will be considering every request.

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24 responses to iPad’s For Autism Application

  1. nancy p acosta

    thank you so much for hope

  2. Angela Tate

    My heart says thank you for the love and compassion you have for those with autism spectrum disorders. :-)

  3. Samir Ibrahim

    My son KAREEM is born with Downsyndrome. Currently 12 years ols with abilities, motor skills and capabilities as a 20 month child. Kareem has a speach defficiency. He has a vocabulary of 3-4 dozen word sounds. He can’t compose a sentence of two or more words. He attends a private school since we couldn’t get a public school to respond to his disabilities.
    I am a retiree since 2004 on SS income. His mother doesn’t have a job either. Kareem actually keeps us busy all day between school and therapies provided by Medicaid. We heard a lot about the iPad and programs that can benefit him. His therapists asked us to get him an iPad.
    We need an iPad for him, but at the hefty cost of $600 or $700 it seems unattainable.
    Kareem can use iPad for communication once we down load the programs needed for him. He will be able to describe what he needs, hungry, thirsty or needs to go to the Bathroom,….etc.
    The therapist are looking forward to help him and us with the iPad.
    I am retired on a fixed income.
    Kareem needs a means to help him communicate
    We believe it will improve his speach and skills
    We will use it for :
    Communication at home
    Communication at School
    Education and learning
    Social interaction

  4. Ryanne Parker

    Thank you soo much for the opportunity!

  5. I can say that this would be the greatest gift ever given to us and we are so thrilled to know there are dear people who want nothing but to see offers be able learn, laugh, clap and cheer. God bless , Karma

  6. kathy

    I have 2 precious low-functioning children on the spectrum, but today I am writing about their amazing older brother. My older son is a high school senior. He is the most unselfish amazing big brother who has sacrificed so much over his young life for his younger siblings. He needs a scholarship to go to college next year. He wants to be a speech therapist – to be a voice for those with no voice. Do you know of any college scholarships available for siblings of children with autism? Thank you for your help.

  7. Jerry McKenzie

    Thank you so much for providing this opportunity to families and to these children living with autism and asperger’s. I don’t know if you fully realize how amazing it truly is to find that there are people still in this world good enough to help others in this way. This is a remarkable chance for an autistic child who otherwise could not communicate, possibly ever, to have an avenue, a true tool, to be able to express him or herself to their family and to the world. Bless you and the work that you are doing.

  8. Jennifer Wooten

    what is the mailing address for the application?

  9. Andrew Fisher

    When is the deadline to send an application in?

  10. Beatriz Mujica

    On November 16, 1996, Sebastian Mujica was born. We began to note his strange behavior when he was about 20 months old. We were very worried about him and we took him to several doctors to see what was wrong. Then, the doctor had said that Sebastian was diagnosed with autism, he was 2 years old. It was an extremely difficult time for all of us. But, one thing was clear, we loved Sebastian and we were all willing to do whatever it takes to help him. Unfortunately, we did not know where to begin and what to do. It became clear that Sebastian has extreme difficulty speaking; he cannot speak or communicate with anyone. We then began to conduct research on special speech therapies or treatments that Sebastian can partake in, we tried nearly everything. Sebastian is an admirable boy because he is successfully fighting this battle against autism. But, he still has had a difficult time communicating with us over the years. When it appeared as if nothing was going to change, we discovered that Sebastian is intrigued with technology. He finds it extremely interesting. He immediately enthusiastically learned to use the computer. He is very familiar with Apple products especially iPhones and iPods. A friend of my daughter’s brought over an iPad for a school project, and he was instantly hooked, he was appalled at the graphics and the numerous applications. We knew he and the iPad were going to accomplish great things together, as a team. After that day, I began conducting research on the iPad and I discovered the fantastic things it can do for an autistic child. We were excitingly planning to give Sebastian an iPad for his 15th birthday, but then we saw the price. Due to financial problems, I was unsure if we were able to afford such an expensive device. My husband and I both got laid off. Things were not looking good, but then I found this organization and I became optimistic, I thought, “Maybe Sebastian will be learning from an iPad sooner than we think.” So please, don’t let our financial state be an obstacle for my son’s opportunity to learn and communicate. We would be planning to use any applications that are specifically designed for communication. I have faith in the iPad and I know that Sebastian will improve and it will be all thanks to your generosity.

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  13. Taylor

    My precious little brother has downs syndrome and is turning 3 in a couple weeks. I am currently 15 years old and have been searching everywhere online for a way to offer an ipad to him! We found out when my mother was still pregnat and had battled through the terrible news. But, it wasnt terrible at all. In fact, it is the most amazing and inspiring thing that has probably ever happened to me and im sure the rest of my family would say the same. He brings light wherever he is and whenever he smiles. Any bad day turns into sunshine. I love him more than anything and we all new we would.. so why were we scared? Well having a child with downs syndrome comes with many challenges to the child in general. He is only 3 years old and has recently ended his physical therapy but is still, and probably will continue until he is wayyyy older to have a speech therapist. She was talking to me and my mom and my dad about cool apps for not only toddlers but children with special needs and she got him hooked on the little bubbles you could press that sneezed on her iphone. It is amazing how fast he picked up how to touch the bubbles and work out how to play it. I began researching and found stories of children with downs sydrome that have learned their colors and letters miraculously! Of course my family does not have the money as most family’s don’t to offer this educational echnology to my little brother. I would be so so greatful to have the oppurtunity to give my baby brother this oppurtunity of a lifetime. He has been through so much! When he was only 4 months old he stop breathing and almost died. At 1 years old he suffered through open heart surgery! I love him so much and would be overjoyed to watch him adavnce educationally through this awesome chance!

  14. I really need an IPad for my child as well. He is 3 years old and only makes sounds when he is trying to talk when he should be using 2 to 3 word phrases. I really need to find an organization that has grants to give these away again. Please help! God Bless!-= Nicole Quinn 619-213-4839!!!!

  15. Lynne Moore

    My son Noah has PDD and is 7 yrs old but average is 23 to 28 months. He does have other health conditions but being non verbal is the most challenging. Even with him having a feeding tube in and dealing with that I feel is not as frustrating as not being able to express for him. At least if he don’t want to take his meds he grabs his tube to close it off. lol I have been on the web researching and researching because my son Noah seems to navigate well on my phone so I checked into an iPad and realized with only his SSI I cannot make it happen. Noah gets frustrated because you can see he is trying to tell you his needs but when you don’t understand him he gets extremely upset. So much that I have had to put him on medication that the Dr said is just she feels from his frustrations from expressing his wants and needs. Everyone keeps saying how well children have done with the iPad that has PDD but that is ones that can afford it. I have found your site and am getting ready to put in the mail his application. I have made copies of his IEP, 2 letters from Drs, his ISP from MR, 2 letters from his Speech therapist that he gets extra from outside the school, copy of my bank that shows what he gets from SSI and I hope that I have got it all together and am not forgetting anything. I have prayed and prayed and when I saw your sight and read about it I thought this might give him hope. Thank you for what you all are doing to try to help children with PDD out. When you get judged everyday it is nice breath of fresh air for a change to find an organization like you.

  16. Stephinie Harvey

    My daughter, 9 years old has High Function Autism. She would absolutely love to have on of these. But after reading others post…I fill we would be taking from others that need it more. Best of luck to everyone that put an application in.

  17. Amber Haley

    I am applying for my son Noah. He was born blind with light perception. He is also non verbal & autistic with many health issues. His vision therapist says he thrives at school using the iPad. I would love to let him have the opportunity to do the same at home. It’s heartbreaking because he does not have friends to play with & I am always trying to think of new ways to teach him. He also loves music.

  18. Rose

    To whom it may concern,
    My son has been hospitalized twice for asthma and full blown pneumonia. Just recently the doctor at the hospital was concern about him so she sent us to get several test done. Having 5 other children I sensed something didn’t seem right but his primary doctor kept insisting the I should wait awhile to be accurate. We seen a behavioral doctor who diagnosed him with classic autism. After doing research on some help to get him treatments I came across your website. I have read that having an iPad can work wonders for a child with autism and it explains when my niece brought her iPad one day he was playing with it and did good with the puzzles and alphabets. We cannot afford one because we are a family of 8. My husband was placed on disability since April so our finance has been really set back. Just last month we were about to get evited because the landlord was tired of late rent. Luckily, our landlord had a change of heart after managing to pay the little we can from disability back pay. My husband is the breadwinner so this is really tough on us. I tried to seek a part-time job but with him on disability, an autistic 2 year old, and 5 school-age children it is hard. I have to wear many hats during my days since my husband can do prolong walking or standing so I am exhausted most of the time. I have limited time with everyone since I try to share myself equally with my big family but my autistic child requires alot of attention and constant supervision. Homework time with the other children are usually very hard but I help them all I can as much as I can while he watches tv for a while before wandering off to another part of the house. I feel guilty at times because tv shows don’t teach him much. He was interested in my nieces iPad so I think having one is the start to helping him speak and think more. Please consider my help for assistance. Thank you for reading my life.


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