iPads For Autism

Press Release: September 2010

Westbury, NY – Danny’s Wish, an organization started to raise money for Autism and Autism related spectrum disorders, today announced a new campaign designed to provide iPads to schools catering to the development of autistic children.

“Our mission at Danny’s Wish is to provide life enhancing experiences and resources for kids and families dealing with Autism and Autism related spectrum disorders,” said Dino Sgueglia, President of Danny’s Wish.  “We’re very excited to have started our latest fundraiser, iPads For Autism.  The iPad provides alternative communication and learning applications that allow Autistic children to flourish.  These applications grant children new and amazing opportunities by fostering enhanced communication, independence, daily life skills, and developmental growth.  More importantly, the iPad gives those without a voice a chance to be heard.  Join Danny’s Wish in raising money to provide iPad’s for schools and individuals with Autism!”

Since the iPad’s unveiling in April, autism experts and parents have brought it into countless homes and classrooms around the world. Developers have begun creating an abundance of applications specifically designed for users with special needs, and initial studies are already measuring the effectiveness of the iPad as learning tools for children with autism. As a result, some children have been able to communicate their thoughts to adults for the very first time. Others have learned life skills that had eluded them for years.

“I originally purchased the iPad for myself and my wife so that we could review information for work.  Shortly thereafter we began downloading games and movies to occupy us when we travel.  Soon my son Danny began playing some of the games with no difficulty or reservations.  There are just so many applications it can be used for.  It is truly a great device.”

“There are many ways you can help!  You can make a donation through any one of our donation channels. No contribution is too small or too large, and we really appreciate your contribution.  Additionally, we encourage you to spread the word about iPads For Autism to friends and family! Together, concluded Sgueglia, we can give these kids a voice!”

You can also help Danny’s Wish by logging on to our website at www.dannyswish.org and making a donation there!

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17 responses to iPads For Autism

  1. Beverly Strong

    I have a 6 yr. old son who is diagnosed PDD-NOS and doesn’t talk. I have been trying to find any avenue possible to try to help Simon get an i-pad with the Proloque2go program. Unfortunately our school system can not afford such advanced technology even though Simon deserves the best that is out there. Second problem with school system is that any device giving to a child to help with their education has to be returned to the school and the device has to be a the disposal of other children at school which would hinder Simon’s education not having it exclusively at his disposal. As well as hurting him in the areas of socialization. If anyone can give me any direction as to how to go about getting him an i-pad/i-phone donated to him I would be so ever greatful for any help. Thank you, Beverly Strong

    • Thank you very much for your inquiry.

      Danny’s Wish is committed to providing life enhancing resources and experiences for children and families dealing with autism and autism spectrum disorders.

      Our goal for this campaign is to raise $50,000 to supply approximately 100 iPads to those children affected and in need the most.

      We will be considering every request. Please apply by clicking on the application tab and filling out the e-form.

      • Josela Plantener

        My son Bryce is 10 he has aspergers and loves technology. I would love to be able to purchase an ipad to help him with his reading, writing and maths but unfortunately we are a low income family who work hard but are struggling financially. A donation of an ipad even used would make an amazing difference to his life.

      • debbie lachute

        My son is austic and would really love this. He is a 12 yr. Old, that doesn’t go out much so this could help with confidence.

      • Rita May

        I have a 17 year old son with Aspergers. he has bad social skills. I feel an Ipad could help him alot.

  2. Paula

    Try your insurance company. Get a speech pathologist to write a letter stating how your son can benefit from the device. Then apply to your insurance company. I have seen many company’s pay for devices.
    I have yet to see on this Danny’s wish page who they are donating to and how they are distributed.

  3. Jessica

    I have been trying to get my son a device through insurance but it is not easy. They want to see trails to gather information on whether the device requested is appropriate for the the child. Some insurance companies love to deny things for these kids. My son is severely language delayed and yet we have to fight to get summer speech services.

  4. Margaret

    I am trying to find a way for my grandson name Aaron Zeros who is 11 years old who in big need and has Asperger Syndrome to get the use of an IPad while he is at school. He goes to:
    Kimball Elementary School, 5801 Griswold Road, Kimball, MI 48074. I beleive in miracles and this schools need of an IPad is great for many of the families of the school children have economic challenges.

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  6. Rita May

    I have a 16 year old son with Aspergers. I am trying to find an organization to provide an Ipad for my son. I would appreciate any referrals.

  7. michele

    Paula, Jessica, Margaret and Rita May-
    I am going to paste the link below for the app for our iPads for Autism campaign. We have all ready completed our first round of giving and will be starting a second really soon. We look forward to hearing from you soon. And Paula, to date we have distributed 30 ipads to children with autism as you can see on our FB page as well as here http://www.nymetroparents.com/newarticle.cfm?colid=50177 We are always striving to fund raise so that we may help more families affected by Autism.

    iPads for Autism application:

  8. Becky

    I applied a couple of months ago and sent all the paperwork needed. I am the parent of two teenagers with autism, the oldest is non-verbal and the youngest is verbal but is mostly repeating what others say. Do I need to reapply.

  9. Hi, I have a 2 1/2 year old with mild Autism. Do you think getting an iPad for her at this young age will be beneficial? She does not talk yet, only says a few letters and starting to say hi and bye. Thoughts?

    Thank you,

  10. My niece teaches children with autism and her school does not provide the ipads for the children (Yet) She is an amazing young woman who takes her job and the children very seriously. She has a gift that God has given her and uses it. I saw a program on tv about how the ipad helps the children and i would do anything to be able to help her kids. This is amazing technology for these kids and i really think the government needs to step it up for the kids.

  11. Becky McFarland

    My son just turned 5 years old. He is verbal, but struggles to put things together in the correct order and/or uses incorrect words. He is considered high functioning, but struggles every day with how he can perform new tasks. He is receiving speech and OT both through our public school system and privately, but due to all the expenses that go with ASD, we are unable to afford an IPAD2 outright. He is to receive a touchscreen computer at his school, but he really needs something at home as well because he only attends school 3 hours per day. I have heard wonderful things about the IPAD2 and he really enjoys technology. It is very difficult for him to use a mouse because he can not get it to go where he wants it to go. Using a mouse on a flat service (horizontally) is difficult to transfer to an upright screen (vertically) in his mind. We are an apple family and have been for nearly 20 years. We often make just above the cutoffs for incomes, but autism is very expensive and we find ourself struggling because we make too much to receive help and too little to provide the necessary items on our own. so he often falls through the cracks. He also often falls just “too high functioning” to be deemed as a necessity for such items. We struggle to help him reach his full potential. He deserves the best out there and his doctor and therapists have indicated with the “correct therapy” he could be a person on the spectrum with little evidence to others as a teen or adult. This is what we all strive for our children on the spectrum. We have never asked for anything but having a child with ASD has changed everything. We need help for our child in this area. We live in Texas and they are at the bottom of the list in the US for helping children on the spectrum, so it has become our life to educate and assist all children who suffer from ASD. I would appreciate any information that you could offer. If you are not able to provide full grants we would appreciate any help towards an IPAD2. Thanks for your generosity, you have no idea what programs like these mean to families of children who suffer from ASD. God Bless You.

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